Chronic Health Journal

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This journal was designed to allow someone with chronic health problems to track their day-to-day experiences so they can better share them with the appropriate doctor(s).  The fields have been geared into sections to help the user keep consistent types of information from day-to-day so that they, and their doctor can hopefully spot trends and correlations.

Softcover Book

The Journal covers six months, and is broken into two parts – the cover pages, and the journal pages.  The cover pages include contact info, doctor(s),  scheduled and PRN meds, allergies, etc.  The journal pages are a record of daily activity.  At the end of each week, there is a notes page for general thoughts, scribblings to and from your doctor, or anything else that doesn’t really fit as a daily thing.

Please check out the Amazon “Look Inside” or the free PDF version below to make sure it suits your needs before ordering.

PDF Version

The PDF journal is two files, mirroring the contents of the book. The “Cover” page is intended to be printed out once, and can be filled in either by hand or electronically.  The journal pages are one week’s worth of journal, including the notes page.  The intent is that the cover pages can be printed once, and the journal pages as necessary. Both are set up to be printed double-sided, and margins are wide enough for a three-ring binder, comb-bind, spiral-bind, etc.

There is also a single-page PDF form journal page for those that would rather type than write.

The PDFs are free under the Creative Commons license below, which basically says I’d prefer you share this page or otherwise give me credit if you wish to share it.  If you would like to distribute it or otherwise alter it from what is presented here, please email me at

The current version of the cover pages are here:
And the journal pages are here:
The one-day PDF form journal page is here:
PDF FChronic_Health_Journal_v1.0-journal_form.pdf

Chronic Health Journal by Olav Folland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   All other rights reserved. You are welcome to modify these documents for your needs, but please ask me before you distribute them.  I just need to make sure it’s something I still want my name attached to.
Creative Commons License

This journal developed by Olav Folland, based on a concept by Kat Folland, and aided by the wonderful input from a number of people both on Google+ and Facebook.

The current cover version is v1.0, Released.
The current journal version is v1.1, Released

Cover changes:
2014-06-06-1.0: No physical changes.  Finalized file naming and release.
2014-05-29-09d:  changes from the previous version:
converted cover so that it can be printed and handwritten, or typed in via a PDF form and then printed.
Updated Creative Commons licensing to prevent derivatives that would be detrimental to the main work.
2014-05-25-0.9c: changes from the previous version:
Updated cover title from working title to final release title.
Updated copyright notice.
Added PDF website
Added hyperlinks
2014-05-24-0.9b: changes from the previous version:
Added insurance carrier and policy #
2014-05-24-0.9a: changes from the previous version:
Added appropriate copyright notifications to allow sharing and derivatives, yet disallow commercial use.

Journal changes:
2014-06-11-1.1:  Fixed margin error on sheet two.  Outside margin was .75″ now .25″ for proper inside margin.
2014-06-06-1.0: No physical changes.  Finalized file naming and release.
2014-05-29-0.9d: changes from the previous version:
Normalized revision for pre-release candidate.
Updated Creative Commons licensing to prevent derivitaves that would be detrimental to the main work.
2014-05-24-0.9a: changes from the previous version:
Added generic “notes” page at the end of every week.

Please note that all versions of the work herein will be filed with the US Copyright Office as soon as the printed version is published.